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Raintrap Gutter Protection

Gutter Protection

The consequences of unprotected gutters can become quite severe. Clogged gutters subsequently destroy your home's exterior and foundation. Fortunately, we produce a line of RAINTRAP® gutter protections made specifically to prevent gutter obstruction. Furthermore, RAINTRAP® saves you from having to perform risky gutter cleanings. As specialists in home improvement products, you will get valuable results.

Efficient Gutter Covers

Why RAINTRAP® Gutter Protections are Essential

RAINTRAP® S-Lock Gutter Protection

Eliminate the messy hassle of cleaning clogged gutters by having an attractive and affordable RAINTRAP® S-LOCK GUTTER PROTECTION system professionally installed on your existing or new gutters today! With 9 colors to choose from, your RAINTRAP® gutter protection will effortlessly blend in with your roof and gutters.

Check out a quick video clip of Slock at work:

For installations in our local area, contact our parent company, Welty Custom Exteriors, Inc. at or call toll free at 800-466-7231.  Welty's services surrounding cities including Frankfort, Kokomo, Lafayette, Lebanon, Thorntown, Rossville, Mulberry, Kirklin, Greentown, Colfax, Sheridan, & Tipton, Indiana.


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